You are a busy professional trying to keep up with all of the latest trends and treatment options for dozens of diseases in multiple species. If you are like most other veterinarians, you received minimal training in dentistry and oral surgery in veterinary school. A human dentist goes to school for 4 years before seeking additional training in their chosen specialty. How can you be expected to deal with the most common diseases in dogs and cats without investing significant time and resources?   

Dental services in the typical veterinary practice represent 2-4% of gross revenue. Considering dental diseases are the most common problems seen in pet dogs and cats, it would be realistic to expect revenues to be more along the lines of 30%. After all, your patients can’t talk or write a Google review, so they rely on you to be their voice, their advocate.

Nellie had a broken jaw repair and full-mouth surgical extractions due to advanced periodontal disease.

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Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to identify areas of opportunity in your practice where we can work together to diagnose and treat more disease in the patients that rely on your clinical judgment to improve their quality of life.  You will be able to recognize disease in the awake patient and navigate through diagnosis and treatment with your clients to provide more comprehensive care. We provide training documents, personalized dental charts and other resources for your success.

It is pretty simple. We come to your practice for a risk-free Dental Opportunity Assessment where we will determine the feasibility of our collaboration. Once we identify the opportunities, we will present a brief overview of how we can move forward and grow together.

Common areas we focus on will be:

  • Disease recognition
  • Dental Radiograph Positioning Training
  • Dental Radiograph Interpretation
  • Client Communication
  • Surgical Extraction Techniques
  • Tooth-By-Tooth Exam and Charting
  • Overcoming Common Client Objections

There is a significant benefit to growing your dentistry service which will require time, effort and expense.  This may seem overwhelming, but worth the investment.  Most veterinarians are "do-it-yourself" oriented which may work, however, how will you know if you are reaching the top if you don't have the benefit of oversight?  Give me a call and we can work together.