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Why complete our training?

  • Diagnostic dental radiographs are essential for a complete and accurate diagnosis.
  • More and more veterinary practices are purchasing dental radiograph technology yet they struggle to get diagnostic images in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Our on-site dental radiograph positioning training is designed you give you the skills and understanding you need to be able to take a diagnostic set of full mouth radiographs in 15 minutes or less per patient using your equipment.
  • We will provide a laminated positioning guide as a valuable resource for guidance after the class is over.
  • We will train 5 people over a 4 hour time period on techniques for the dog and cat.
  • We cover radiation safety as well as equipment care.
  • We can help whether you are new to dental radiography or you have been struggling for some time

If you are more of a Do-It-Yourself type, we have our laminated guide for purchase as a valuable resource for $100 plus S&H. This guide takes you through our presentation and has pictures of the skull with sensor placement and the actual image resulting from that shot.

Dental Radiograph Positioning Training

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